What Is A Custom Renovation?

There are a lot of details that go into a custom renovation. Failure to research and plan correctly can result in an addition that looks, well, like an addition that was slapped on years after the original house was built.

One of the biggest mistakes is failing to find a match for the original siding. If the color, wood grain pattern, or size of the bevel is off, it can show up as a noticeable difference once the project is completed. Windows should also match in order to ensure the best appearance when the project is complete.


Roof pitch is another area that often gets overlooked until it’s too late. If the roof pitch of your addition doesn’t match that of the main roof, it will appear awkward to even the untrained eye. Clean intersections also allow for proper water drainage.


Finally, floor level is also very important.  Tripping between your original home and addition is definitely not a selling point. Believe it or not, a two inch difference is worse than a four inch difference. Variances can be eliminated by properly laying out the footers and block work before construction is even started. Usually if the floor heights don’t match, the carpenter gets the blame and it’s usually not even his fault.

That’s why it’s important to hire a veteran remodeler like Wantz Construction who will get the job done right. Let us build your home addition for you, and you won’t be able to tell where the original house ends and the new addition begins! Watch this space for more articles coming soon that will help educate you on the various aspects of custom home renovations. Don’t let improper research and planning by a novice turn your dream into a nightmare.